Thursday, July 3, 2014

Stash: red-violets, part 1

I have two pictures of my sort of middle-of-the-road red-violets, but I guess I'll make them two posts rather than one big mega-post. So here's part 1, which is the more-violet-than-pink side of things. Part two will lean a bit more to the pink side. Honestly, I should learn from this: apparently I have a big, big love for this color range, where purple starts shading into pink:
Some of these look more purple than others, but all of them are more purple than what's coming up in the next picture - which in turn is still more purple than the violet-leaning pinks in this picture. . . which is still more purple than a middle-of-the-road pink.

The rows above are pretty wonky but I'm hoping you can sort it all out if I give you brand-names to go by.
Top row: Milani One-Coat Glitter in Purple Gleam, Fantasy Makers Purple Potion (this is Wet n Wild's Halloween collection, as if you haven't already figured that out from the tombstone cap), Revlon Scandalous, Finger Paints Amethyst Accents, Kleancolor Sparkle Purple
2nd row:  Milani Purple Rush, Zoya Roxy, e.l.f. Gina Girl, Studio M Gift of Sparkle
3rd row: Sinful Colors Purple Diamond, piCture pOlish Violet Femme (I will capitalize the name of the brand the way they like, but it seems too confusing not to capitalize the name of the polish in the same manner as everything else!), Sephora by OPI Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild, Chirality Convergence (a holo and a mini)
Bottom row: Satin Glam Taffeta, Zoya Harmonie, Bonita Royal Highness, Triple Shine Vanity Flare, Sephora by OPI It's Bouquet with Me

There are several pairs I want to talk about here. The two Milanis are very similar colors, really. Of course one is a heavy-duty glitter and the other is a shimmery maybe-microglittery thing. The bigger glitter reads maybe a little redder in the picture above and I think that's the glitter it's picking up.

The two SOPIs are similar and yet not - SPFGW is darker and chunkier; It's Bouquet with Me (IBWM? sounds like some kind of missile) is actually considerably lighter and it has what look like some multicolored big holo pieces scattered around in it, almost a la Zoya Monet. I really think there's a sort of a blingy party thing going on in the middle of the softer paler smaller glitter. It's very interesting, and I don't think I've worn it yet either, although I did swatch it somewhere along the line. I'm going to have to look for that.

The third pair are not a pair because they're the same brand, they're a pair because I've seen them called dupes. This is Scandalous and Roxy, and they're both supposed to be dupes of something Lippmann, I think. Maybe Bad Romance? But I am not really convinced they're dead dupes, because in this picture Roxy looks much redder. Maybe it's all misdirection and they go on the nail as dead dupes, but they certainly aren't in the bottle.

Added: I was doing the next post and I realized I didn't talk about untrieds, which I've been trying to do, except for IBWM which I already mentioned. Actually I think a number of these are untried, probably just because I have so damn many purples. Oh, and Taffeta is untried because it has a defective brush - as in a stick and no brush at all, really, and I'd lost the receipt by the time I figured that out. I'm going to have to figure out a way to get some out of the bottle to try it. I also don't think I've worn Purple Gleam or Sparkle Purple, or Gina Girl or (maybe) Gift of Sparkle. And Purple Diamond is a fairly recent acquisition that I don't think I've tried - unless I'm just forgetting (I might've layered it with something) - and I'm almost sure I haven't worn Vanity Flare. Interesting. So I tend to veer towards either darker or redder.

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