Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July sale hauls

I'm back to having just a few readers after a flurry of having a bunch back when I was posting every day, during the winter. I liked having more readers, but I've been keeping a blog or an online journal to one degree or another for over ten years now, and I know better than to think I I'd ever keep up with extremely regular posting. (I suspect my regular readers are mostly the people who know all this already, but in case some of you are new, I started with Diary-X, which is long gone, went on to Livejournal, which is still around and which I do still post to off and on, but then I also had a quilt blog and a little general blog - I tend to forget all about that one, but it's still there and I wrote a few interesting things there, along with a lot of things which are utterly impenetrable when the links don't work - and then I had the bead blog which eventually turned into a general craft blog, and then this one.) Anyway, I really appreciate those of you who hang in there with me!

I have new stuff and I would like to post a picture but there's just not enough sun to get decent ones. (NOTE: picture is in the next entry.) I have four new polishes from LynB and three from Zoya, both of whom were having sales back around the 4th of July. Zoya's sale was one of those 3-polishes-for-the-cost-of-shipping-and-handling deals, like they have done often before. They charge $12 for the S&H, so I think of it as being 3 for $12 with free shipping, really, rather than the other way around. I doubt that they make much money at that price, but I doubt that they're losing money, either. I didn't see anything about current polishes being excluded from the sale, like they sometimes do, but I haven't been able to work up all that much enthusiasm about the current polishes anyway, so I bought two of the older Pixie Dusts - one from last fall and one that I think might be from the original bunch, the fall before that - and then a blue-gray called Cynthia that I just liked. (The two Pixie Dusts are London and Carter, respectively dove-gray and bright orchid-ish purple.)

This was my first LynB order, but she was having a really good sale - the individual polishes were around $5 each, I think, and then you got a free polish if you ordered three. Apparently she made a special one-batch LE polish for the free polish, so everybody got the same thing - it's called Teal The Cows Come Home and it looks pretty awesome. She said she had a couple of bottles of it left over and they're up on Etsy right now, so go take a look if you're interested, while they last. The other polishes I got were Blue Whale, which was from her QI collection (which cracks me up even though I've never watched QI regularly), Fires of Gallifrey, which is of course a Doctor Who polish, and This Is Halloween, which I don't see up on her website now, although some of the other Nightmare polishes from the same line are still there. (Frog's Breath!)

(Here's a picture of This Is Halloween that I found when I googled. This is without a base - other pictures I've seen seem to be with a dark base and look considerably darker.)

Incidentally, I'm still wearing Jon Snow - well, actually I've only had it on for one whole day, because I put it on Sunday night, but anyway, it's holding up fine. If the sun will come out I'll get a picture of that too. (However, it's thundering now, so don't hold your breath.)

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