Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ultimate Fandom: the collection

I took several pictures of the Dollish "Ultimate Fandom Collection" while I was unboxing, so here you go. (These were developed along with Accio Lacquer, I believe, and I keep referring to her most excellent swatch pictures of them: here and here.) I didn't think to take a picture when I first opened up the box, but really, it would've been pretty boring, because everything was individually wrapped in its own little envelope of bubble wrap. So here is a (not very neatened-up) picture of what they looked like after I pried them all out of the envelopes:

And here they are all nicely lined up, although the lighting is funky:
(Apparently I shouldn't have put You Know Nothing Jon Snow down on the right corner where it got the most sun. It promptly became blinding.)

And here are the bottle labels - in no particular order that I recall:
So I've already documented my experiments with Look At The Flowers Lizzie over here, and right now I have Live Long and Prosper on one nail - only because I tried it over Orly Sweet Peacock, which is a very bright (peacock) blue which turned out to be too bright for it. I'm not wasting my precious minis where you can't even see them properly. (I didn't think to take a picture of this mani when I was outside today - maybe tomorrow.)

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