Saturday, June 28, 2014

Playing with polish: Ultimate Fandom part 1

Well, so I am in possession of an awful lot of Dollish minis, and I decided to start my experimentation with Look At The Flowers, Lizzie, which is the Walking Dead polish. I did a bit of dabbing onto one hand and I just couldn't get the level of green background color that Mishka got with two coats (scroll down toward the bottom of that entry for her swatches), so I decided it needed an undercoat. And I wanted it to be pale green, which was a problem in that I don't have much in the way of pale greens that aren't bright lime green. So what I ended up using was Mermaid's Dream. It's kind of an unconventional combination but I like it.

I put this on late last night and then I got up and washed my hair and went to work without ever stopping to clean this up at ALL, and it shows, but I'm going to let you see anyway:
This is Butter London base coat, 1 coat of Mermaid's Dream, two coats of Look At The Flowers Lizzie, and two coats of HK girl (which is presumably what I flooded my cuticles with so abominably). I did not stop to do much in the way of dabbing with this glitter, and you can tell that, too. I didn't end up getting much of the pink glitter out of the bottle and onto my nails, but I really don't care, I like the mottled green look that I ended up with. It doesn't look all that great in close-up, but from a distance it's very nice. I gather it's supposed to look like a meadow, and it's really a pretty good approximation of that.

Since this is a multi-fandom collection with a whopping 11 fandoms in question, I thought I would do a bit of a geek-cred test on myself with these. Do I get the reference? For this one, it's a no, or at least a "not exactly." I have not seen the Walking Dead episode in question, because I quit watching after Season 2. But I did watch for two seasons until the gore level got above my tolerance - plus my husband still watches, and he favored me with a fairly detailed recounting of the whole "Lizzie" business. It wasn't hard to figure out from those meadow pictures where the thing was headed, anyway.

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