Friday, June 6, 2014

Playing with polish: Peonies Gone Wild & Firefly

I seem to have been half-asleep when I did this manicure, and I tried to clean it up this morning but it's still kind of a mess:
I'm not sure how much you can tell there but it's actually really pretty (and not so noticeably messy) in real life. It's one of the Bonita polishes I bought yesterday, Peonies Gone Wild, with Jesse's Girl Firefly on top.

I was not familiar with Bonita other than a few pictures I think I've seen online; here's pictures of the whole spring collection. Apparently it's exclusive to Rite Aid. It's pretty and shimmery but I wanted more shimmer, so I put Firefly on top - and then I proceeded to spill about half the bottle (of Firefly, I mean) on my luggage and my mother-in-law's carpet. Yeah. Somebody remind me of this the next time I want to do my nails under the influence of sleeping pills.

Here's the whole lineup of what I bought at Rite Aid (RiteAid? apparently the name does not properly have a hyphen in it, but is it properly one word or two? I've seen it both ways): Julie G Butterflies & Rosebuds, a pinky-red glitter; Bonita Peonies Gone Wild, as above; Bonita Royal Highness, an orchid shimmer; WnW Wild Shine Deception, which I think is from the LE spring collection; and Firefly, also as mentioned above. Today in suburban Cincinnati (on the Kentucky side, in Florence, if you want to know), we made a foray into Meijer and I bought a couple of Studio M glitters. Just as I did yesterday, I failed to write down the names, but they were a very bright cyan blue and a sort of a red-violet, as I recall.

(Tomorrow we'll be in Tennessee and Arkansas, headed home. I don't know of any more interesting places to buy nail polish on the way, which is probably just as well, because it'll be a long haul even without stopping to shop.)

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