Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Another Rite-Aid visit

Well, first of all, Rite-Aid had Gel Envy, which I hadn't previously seen in person. I can't get the embed from Instagram to work so here's a link. However, the Gel Envy colors didn't grab me so I didn't even register what the price was. Instead, I bought several other things:
I don't have the names of these handy - I'm at McDonald's (using their wi-fi) and the bottles are still in the car - so I'll have to tell you those later. But it's a Jesse's Girl, a Wild Shine which might be LE, 2 Bonitas (a brand which I've never tried but shimmered in a way that really attracted me), and a Julie G glitter.

(You may notice that this picture was actually taken IN Rite-Aid. This counter right next to the Gel Envy had lots of room and it was out of sight of the register, so I went for it. Bonus: the light was really good.)

Added: I managed to get the picture that's in the link above onto the laptop, so here it is:
(And the price seems to be $8-something, which is about what I would've guessed.)

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