Thursday, June 19, 2014

Half a wheel

This is everything I bought on our recent trip up north, plus some layering that includes a polish I'd bought a while back and forgot about for a while. I didn't number these, so we'll just go left to right:
  • Studio M Sexy Siren, 2 coats
  • 1 coat of Jordana Crystal Glitter (which is the one I bought and promptly forgot I had) over 1 coat of Bonita Peonies Gone Wild
  • 1 coat of Jesse's Girl Firefly over 1 coat of Peonies Gone Wild (this is much more subtle than Crystal Glitter, but very pretty - sort of a shimmer with some gold in it)
  • Peonies Gone Wild on its own - I think this is 2 coats
  • Julie G Butterflies and Rosebuds - I'm wearing this now and it's really pretty - I would call it sort of a blackened red-violet microglitter. I think this is also two coats but I'm wearing three, so that may be why it looks somewhat darker than in this picture
  • Studio M Purple Medallion, which picked up a much more blue-toned sparkle in this picture than I've noticed it having in real life
  • Wild Shine Deception, the LE jelly, 2 coats
  • Bonita Royal Highness, 2 coats
  • a layering combo of Deception over Purple Medallion over Royal Highness, as seen here
On that last one, I see that I didn't even remember to mention in the other entry that I had put Royal Highness on the bottom - it was just what I had handy to put on the bottom of all this, since I wasn't sure how opaque Purple Medallion was, exactly. I don't really think it made much difference with the final color.

So here's an iPhone picture that actually looks pretty decent, for once. This is Butterflies and Rosebuds:
I kinda hate that name (maybe she meant it ironically, do you think? I never watched "Julie G"s videos, I don't know what she's like) but anyway, I really do like this color. I spent the last year kind of avoiding all the bright-pink kind of colors, but apparently my love for them has come back, because, well, just look at that wheel picture above. I didn't even realize it, but practically everything I bought was in a berry/orchid sort of range, except for the one blue.

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