Monday, June 16, 2014

Playing with polish, and buying it, too

I am very broke since I had to take an unpaid week off to go on our trip. So I shouldn't be buying nail polish, and yet I have ordered two different expensive things in the last week. I ordered the Dollish Ultimate Fangirl Collection - for which see Accio Lacquer's swatches here and here, and also the Dollish website where they're still available, I believe, at least for now. I didn't completely lose my mind, though, I did at least order minis. Then yesterday I ordered my first-ever Lynnderella polish, too. (Apparently I have not bought anything on eBay in over three years. I had some doing to even log in.) It was the "Color of the Year" one, which I couldn't resist.

Now I'm looking at Pacifica - these haven't been reviewed a lot yet that I can find but here's one review. I hadn't paid attention to Pacifica previously, but apparently they are not new as a cosmetics company, only the polish is new. Here's their explanation of 7 free: "is formulated without parabens, phthalates (dibutyl phthalate), toluene, xylene, camphor, formaldehyde, resin, and animals." I think they needed to work on that wording a bit more, but I guess "without animals" means no animal products and presumably no animal testing, either. So vegan and cruelty-free, as well as without a number of harmful chemicals. One thing that's on my list to do someday is to look into the chemistry of  nail polish, and how they make it if they don't use the traditional methods. (Pacifica sent an e-mail about a free nail polish, which was why I was poking around, but I think I'm going to be good in this case and pass.)

OK, so, pictures, none of them especially good, but I think you all know by now not to come here looking for perfect pictures, right?

First of all, here is a layering thing I did on the way home using Wild Shine Deception (which is a jelly and thus did great for this) over Studio M Purple Medallion. (Purple Medallion is one of the two glitters I bought at Meijer in Kentucky - the other one was Sexy Siren, a bright cyan color. Purple Medallion really reads more reddish and not so much purple at all, although it definitely does have violet tones to it.)
Deception is very violet/orchid-toned, so you come out with a sort of bright-orchid with glitter which I really love. The only problem I had with it was that it didn't wear at all well - you can see on my middle finger there where it's got more than minor wear going. (I have other problems with this picture, having to do with the weird color that my skin came out and how fat my fingers look, but I won't go into that any further.)

Then I also finally got around to wearing Editorial, the Color Club Peridot-style duochrome. I did get flashes of green with it, but mostly it just read as sort of a cool brassy color in most lights I was in yesterday. Here are some pictures I snapped in the car, first partial shade and then sun:
I have fairly substantial ridges on my nails, but they're not too terribly evident here. I believe I used Zoya Get Even as a base, but even so the ridges were still showing pretty badly, so I used a technique I had seen on Pinterest, I think, where you use first matte topcoat and then regular. I won't say it worked miracles but it did seem to help. It also looked pretty cute matte. (The sequence here was, I believe, Nail Nutrition, Get Even, 2 coats of Editorial, NYC Matte topcoat, HK Girl topcoat.)

Next up may be Julie G Butterflies and Rosebuds - which is a disgustingly girly name, I think, so that tells you that I really liked the color!

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  1. I should not have clicked on that Dollish link. I now am lusting after the Star Trek and Star Wars ones at the very least.