Monday, June 2, 2014

Stash: bright pinks

Unless I find a ton of pinks I missed, this is the last of the what, 6 posts of pinks and reds. (Last for this round, anyway. When I find it's changed significantly or I have a lot of adds, I may do all this over again.)
I'm doing the thing again where I'm sort of stairstepping down and each little small row is by itself:
Top row: Orly Razzmatazz mini, Zoya Ali, Serum No 5 Sunset Flare (which I thought read pretty pink on the nail, although it's a coral pink to be sure!)
Second row: L'Oreal Jet Set Hasty, NYC Long-Wearing which is mislabeled but definitely fuchsia, Clinique Hi Sweetie mini
Third row:  Color Club Gimme A Great Big Kiss (which is scented), unnamed mini
Fourth row: Revlon Strawberry Electric, old Colorstay Continuous Cranberry, Zoya Juicy, Zoya Dita
Bottom row: China Glaze Santa Red My List, Zoya Kimber (upside down), SOPI Shopping Frenzy, Zoya Lilith (which has duochrome hints), Color Club Raspberry Red (which is another scented one)

(I always want to make that Clinique polish's name into "Hello Sweetie" - which must then be said in River Song's voice).

They've changed Colorstay bottles so many times I can't really tell you if the one above is the first or second iteration - or if there was some other version at some point that I don't even know about. There were at least two bottle designs before the one that is now in the clearance bins, I'm sure of that. Which makes the new Colorstay Gel Envy - which I haven't even seen in person yet - at least Colorstay version #4.

Still to come: purples. Man, I have a ton of purples, too.

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