Indie brands

(See notes at bottom.)
6 Harts
Aisuru Lacquer
Aliquid Lacquer
Alter Ego
Anchor & Heart
Anonymous Lacquer (new to me)
At the End Of the Rainbow
B Polished
Baby Girl Lacquer (new to me)
Bad Bitch Polish
Baroness X
Bee's Knees
Bella Belle Nail Couture (Australia)
Beyond the Nail (Canada) (also on Etsy)
Big T Ranch
Black Cat Lacquer
Bliss Polish
Bluebird Lacquer
Blue-Eyed Girl
Blush Lacquers
Bohemian Polish
Boii Cosmetics
Buff & Shine
Cadillacquer (Switzerland) (at Hypnotic Polish)
Cameo Colours
Candied Apple
Candy Lacquer
Canvas Nails
Carpe Noctem
CDB Lacquer
Celestial Cosmetics
Chaos & Crocodiles
Chaos Theory
Chirality (also on Etsy)
Chloe & Bella
Color Infinity
Colores de Carol
Colors by Llarowe
Compulsive Nails (wraps)
Contrary Polish
Creative Cuticles
Cupcake Polish
Dabulous Lacquer
Daily Charme (charms & decals)
Dainty Digits
Dam Nail Polish
Daphine Polish
Darling Diva
Different Dimension
Digital Nails
Doctor Lacquer
Dollish Polish
Don Deeva
Dreamland Lacquer (formerly Smitten Polish)
Drip Drop Nail Paint
Dynamic Polish
Eat Sleep Polish (Canada)
Elevation Polish
Ellison's Organics
Envy Lacquer
Emily de Molly (Australia) (US website)
Enchanted Polish
Enigma (UK)
Esmaltes da Kelly (available at Color4Nails)
Ever After Polish
Exotic Lacquers
Fair Maiden
Fanchromatic Nails
Fancy Gloss
Femme Fatale (Australia) (available at LiveLovePolish)
Festive Corpse
Fiendish Fancies
Firecracker Lacquer
FNUG (Denmark)
F.U.N Lacquer
Girly Bits (Canada)
Glam Polish (Australia)
Glimmer by Erica
Glisten & Glow
Glitter Daze
Glitter Lambs
Gothic Gala
Graceful Polish
Great Lakes Lacquer
Heather's Hues
Holo Hookup - monthly themed sets
Honey Bunny Lacquer
Hot Chick Physics
The Hungry Asian
I Love Nail Polish
Impulse Cosmetics
InDecisive Nail Lacquer
Indie Polish
Indigo Bananas (also on Etsy)
Jindie Nails
Jior Couture
Kismet Cosmetics
La Vita E Bella (wraps)
Lac Attack
Lacquer by Lissa (decals)
Lacquer Lust
The Lady Varnishes
Let It Glitter (Netherlands)
LevelUp Lacquer
Lilypad Lacquer (Australia)
Literary Lacquer
Loaded Lacquer
Lollipop Posse
Lou It Yourself (also decals/stencils)
Lucky 13
Mckfresh (Australia)
MDJ Creations
MeLissa Lacquer
Model City
Moon Shine Mani
Mrs P's Nail Potions (Canada)
Ms Sparkle
My Indie Polish
My Stunning Nails
Nail Hoot
Nail Glitter Princess (loose glitter)
The Nail Junkie
Nail Pattern Boldness
Nailed It!
NailThins (also on Etsy) (decals)
Native War Paints
NFT Lacquer
Night Owl Lacquer
Ninja Polish
Nire's Desire
Noodles (new link)
Octopus Party
Ooh La Lacquer
Paint Box Polish
Painted Polish
Painted Sabotage
Peaches Polish (Australia)
Pinwheel Polish
The Pixie Girl
Poetry Cowgirl
The Polish Bar
Polish by Jessica Jean
Polish Me Silly
Polish 'M (formerly Lacquerlicious)
Polish Pickup - monthly indie marketplace, usually first weekend of each month
Polish Revolution
Polish TBH
Polishaholic (Netherlands)
Polished by KPT
Polished for Days
POP Polish
Potion Polish
Pretty & Polished (also on Etsy)
Pretty Beautiful Unlimited
Pretty Jelly
Pretty Serious (Australia)
Rise & Shine
Rogue Lacquer (new)
Ruby White Tips
Sassy Pants
Sea Lore
Serum No. 5
Shimmer Polish
Siren's Call
Sista Chic
Smokey Mountain
Sonoma Nail Art
Sparkle Nail Lacquer
Spectrum Cosmetics
Spellbound Nails
Starlight and Sparkles
Starrily (also on Etsy)
Stached Polish
Stella Chroma
Super Black
Superchic (new link)
Supermoon Lacquer
Supernatural Lacquer
Sweet Heart Polish
Takko Lacquer
Tonic Polish (new link)
Too Fancy Lacquer
Top Shelf Lacquer (new link)
Treasures by Tan
Turtle Tootsies
Vivid Lacquer (stamping plates)
Zombie Claw Polish (new to me)

These weren't working/had no polish in stock when I last looked:
A'dor Beauty Supplies
Crow's Toes
Sara M Lyons (decals & wraps)
Scofflaw (due to restock on 4/27/18)
Silly Bee's Chickadees
Superficially Colorful (Israel)
Tux Polish (bad certificate)
Twee & Honey
Wicked Polish
WingDust (Canada)
Yume Lacquer
(You get two tries before you go to the list below. Usually it takes me a while to get around to checking again so you can't say I'm too hasty, really!)

On hiatus/offline/renamed:
A Study In Polish - Etsy store no longer exists
Above the Curve ("maintenance")
Alanna Renee (website down)
Aly's Dream Polish ("back in 2 weeks")
Anne Kathleen (no store)
Aqua Daisy (not selling polish)
Arcane Lacquer (Australia) (page not found)
B Squared (not found)
Bad Ass Polish (nothing for sale)
Black Label Nails (nothing listed)
Black Sheep Lacquer (Canada) (page not found)
Body Language - Etsy store no longer exists
Boom Sparkle (not working)
Brigit's Digits (France) - Etsy store no longer exists
Candeo Colors (store just links back to Facebook page, which says to go to the store)
Charming Polish ("new polishes coming soon")
Chick Nail Polish (website down)
Cult Nails (out of business)
Daring Digits - see LevelUp Lacquer
Dead Set Babes (Australia) (website down)
Fandom Cosmetics (website not available)
Finger Lickin' Lacquer - see Bohemian Polish
Glitzology - Etsy store no longer exists
Hazuri Nail Bar - Etsy store no longer exists
Illume Lacquer (nothing for sale)
Lacquerlicious - see Polish 'M
Lilacquer - Etsy store no longer exists
Liquidus - Etsy store no longer exists
Love Angeline (site can't be reached)
Lulabelle (Canada) ("on break")
Madison Street Beauty ("break")
Maya Cosmetics (out of business)
Metapolish (site down)
ModLacquer (out of business, per their Facebook page)
Mystic Muse (website down)
Nail Nation 3000 ("under maintenance")
Nailian (Bulgaria) (nothing for sale since 2015)
Neverland (website down)
Nostalgic Lacquer (shop unavailable; Etsy store also on hiatus)
Not Too Polished ("on a break" since late 2014)
Nvr Enuff - website down
Pipe Dream Polish (closed per Instagram page)
Polished Mommy - see B Polished
Pop Culture Cosmetics - inactive
Poshinality (website down)
Rain City Lacquer ("maintenance")
Rescue Beauty Lounge (out of business)
A Rhyming Dictionary (nothing for sale)
Seventyseven or Seventy7 - under 77 (at top of list)
Smitten Polish - see Dreamland
Tillie (closed)
Upstate Lacquers - Etsy store no longer exists
Urban Lacquer ("on a break")
Wonder Beauty Products (now selling supplies only, see also Superchic Lacquer)
ZoDi (nothing for sale)

Notes on this list:
  • Basically my criteria here are that you have to have a storefront and stuff for sale on it, not just "coming soon" or a lot of pictures of polishes that are sold out. If I check and a store's been on hiatus for any length of time, it gets moved down to the bottom sections.
  • I've given up on trying to distinguish between the hand-mixed (or "artisan") and the non-hand-mixed kind of indies. There are both kinds on this list.
  • The best indies list I've seen recently is XOXO Jen's. I've been keeping mine for several years now but I'm not very obsessive about maintaining it.
  • When it comes right down to it, there's no such thing as a complete list of indie polishes; they come and go, often with little fanfare. So this is always going to be a work in progress no matter what!
  • There are (I think) brands that only sell on Facebook and don't necessarily have a separate website. I'm not much of a Facebook fan so I'm not making any effort to find those.
  • I should say that I have not tried the majority of the brands on this list, so I can't vouch for most of them. Here's the ones I have at least one polish from (see list above for links - but note that I did not necessarily order directly from the seller with every one of these): Black Cat Lacquer, Chick, Chirality, Cirque, Colors by Llarowe, Cult Nails, Dollish, Different Dimension, Enchanted, Glisten & Glow, KBShimmer, Lacquer Lust, Lucky 13, LynB, Lynnderella, ModLacquer, Nail Pattern Boldness, NailThins, Nine Zero, Nostalgic, Pahlish, Paint Box Polish, Painted Polish, Pipe Dream, Polished by KPT, Pretty Serious, Rescue Beauty, Serum No 5, Smitten, Starrily, Top Shelf Polish, Virago Varnish, Wicked.
Also, my running list of fellow Texas girls (see big list above for links):
Candy Lacquer
Digital Nails
Ellison's Organics
Exotic Lacquers
Fandom Cosmetics
Glitter Daze
Luscious Potion
MDJ Creations
Silly Bee's Chickadees
Siren's Call
Supermoon Lacquer
Urban Lacquer

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