Tuesday, June 28, 2016

All Wrapped Up

This is China Glaze All Wrapped Up:
Disclaimer: I did get this polish for free from a manufacturer/blogger giveaway. So there.

I do love the formula of this - there were three polishes like this in different colors in the collection in question - and I had never even bought a China Glaze at the time I received this, so I guess you could say this made me more pro-China-Glaze. But on the other hand I am still not a particularly huge China Glaze fan and almost certainly will never have a gigantic China Glaze collection like several bloggers I know of. (Like, say, HannahEveNailsIt on YouTube. I thought of her because of all the bottles behind her in her videos, but there are a number of others I could come up with if pressed.) Anyway, this is a really, really packed microglitter in a slightly purple-leaning blue color. I guess it has a clear base but it's so packed you can't honestly tell. It comes out as a texture-like finish, although I've always worn top-coats with it. If you have Glitter Food and you're putting on this polish, it might be a good time to pull it out, because I remember this being very thirsty for top-coat.

This was from the 2013 holiday collection, I believe, so I doubt that it's easily obtainable.

(added: I talk more about this polish and the two other similar polishes from the same collection, here.)

Just to clarify: I have nothing against China Glaze. But my polish collection started with what I could buy in the (very large and well-stocked) grocery store, and both Kroger and H-E-B have always carried OPI but not China Glaze. So my first foray out of the world of drugstore brands was OPI, because of that. And I still don't have a huge collection of OPIs, either. (I have more Zoyas than either CG or OPI, because Zoya has such good sales. So I suspect what it comes down to is that I'm cheap.)

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