Monday, June 6, 2016

Baby Baby Baby, Amethyst Accent

This is Square Hue Baby, Baby, Baby (from the Decades/2010s collection) and Finger Paints Amethyst Accent:
Baby, Baby, Baby is from the Square Hue "2010s" set (they spent last year going through every decade since 1900) - dark purple shimmer, apparently named after a Justin Bieber song. (I'm way way the wrong age group to get that reference without help!) Square Hue does good purples. It does lean to the red side of purple, a bit. Amethyst Accent is more of a microglitter, and thus reflects light differently, but it's similar tones and it's also very pretty. (I need to destash some purples just because I have an ungodly amount of purple polish, but the fact that these two are close in color doesn't help me too much. I do need to pick out some purples from all this that I can bear to part with, but I haven't made any decisions yet on which ones that's going to be.)

Added, re Amethyst Accent: a 2014 mani here, and previous description here, in which I note that the polish was new at that time and swatches were not to be found. However, that has since been remedied: here are ALU swatches of Once in a Wild, the whole collection.

Here's the full Square Hue 2010s collection - this was December 2015, thus the snowflakes in the box. For the record, the others are Bird Fling (red creme) and Olympiad (champagne foil)

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