Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Azure, Quick Jeanius

This is two Sally Hansen polishes from different lines, LustreShine Azure and Insta-Dri Quick Jeanius:
We're still in the "slightly blurple" section of the color wheel, although the amount of purple in these two is so small that it's easy to miss. I really love Quick Jeanius, but as you can see Azure comes out on the nail much lighter than it is in the bottle, which was a disappointment to me. Quick Jeanius is a very packed microglitter, although not quite as much as All Wrapped Up (which should be the post previous to this one, although I'm working ahead so I don't have a link yet). Azure is more of a shimmer. (Also you may notice from my tick-marks on the wheel that this was only one coat of Quick Jeanius; two for Azure.)

I doubt that either of these is easily obtainable, since Quick Jeanius was a seasonal limited edition and the whole LustreShine line is discontinued.

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