Sunday, June 12, 2016

Island Couture, Amethyst

This is Orchid Island Couture and Colorstay Amethyst:
This seems to have been in the batch where all the pictures are slightly out-of-focus (hopefully that was the camera in the old phone and not the new one!) So Orchid is a house-brand, and we've long theorized that it might be made by the people who made Pixel Polish, since many of the colors seem comparable. But a few colors have actually made their way online (not, however, including this one). It might be easier, if you don't live in Texas where Orchid is sold, to find the old (not the current) Revlon Colorstay polishes - they're discontinued but more likely to be findable. These are both slightly shimmery purples, a little to the red-violet side but not too much. Almost - but not quite - boring. Both of these are actually very pretty. And I am definitely going to try to get better pictures of this wheel later on, but for now this will have to do.

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