Thursday, June 16, 2016


I bought new moisturizer: Origins GinZing:
I've always been wary of scent, when it comes to moisturizers that go on the face - I guess I think of it as an irritant. For years I only used Clinique moisturizer, and it's always been unscented and I think it's also just partly that I think that's how it's supposed to be. But really, if you're using essential oils in moisturizers, those are going to have scents naturally, right? And I don't think that there's necessarily anything wrong with that. So I've been experimenting around with moisturizers with scents for the first time. I had a sample of Korres Brightening Sleeping Facial that came in a Sephora Play box (that name makes it sound like it's a mask, but it's really what I would call a night cream), and I also had a smaller sample of Ginzeng. The Korres is rose-scented and the GinZing is citrus-scented. In both cases the scents are very light. I did buy some additional sample sizes of the Korres rose products, but they are very expensive - plus I didn't actually need night cream right now. What I'm running low on is day cream. And then I found out that Origins was having a F&F sale, 20% off plus free shipping, and so that made it irresistible. (I tweeted about that sale at the time, but I believe it ended on the 13th, so it's too late for the rest of you now!) It was $22, which is way cheaper than the last full-size moisturizer that I bought. (That was LaFresh, which I do really love - it was $40 for the same amount. I like their night cream even more than the day cream, so I'll probably keep using that when it finally runs out, I imagine. It has lasted a long time and I've barely made a dent in it, so that makes it seem like more of a bargain, too.)

I'm not sure if GinZeng boosts my energy, exactly, but it smells divine and it works for what I wanted it for, and it doesn't seem irritating at all, so I'm happy. Just so you can see, it's not orange-tinted or anything, it just looks like every other moisturizer I've used lately:
(I had just changed the sheets and I noticed that the pattern on my sheets matched the bottle, so I couldn't resist using it as a background.)

There was still some LaFresh moisturizer left in the bottom of the nearly-empty container, so I used a trick I learned from Sephora Play - I mixed it with foundation. It does double-duty, and I really love the lighter texture that you end up with.

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