Thursday, June 2, 2016

Roxy, VamPink

This is Zoya Roxy (not to be confused with Rory, which I also have) and Lynnderella VamPink:
These two together might make a very interesting super-glitterbomb (or they might be altogether too much, I'm not sure which). Roxy is a red-violet glitter - Zoya says it's a red-toned base with bright-purple glitter, although that's not all that obvious in this picture. VamPink is more towards a wine-color, if not really what I'd call pink, and the glitter is more scattered. (Ooh. Man, I need to wear this again.

I poked around on both of Lynnderella's websites (eBay and Storenvy) and didn't see VamPink - I bought most of my Lynnderellas from a blog sale  (which is in fact still ongoing) so it's hard to say whether they're generally available or not. (I did see some of the others, but not this one.) Roxy is still available at the link in the first paragraph.

You may have noticed this already, but I seem to have collected up an awful lot of Australian polishes - particularly Lynnderella and Pretty Serious, as well as Picture Polish which I was talking about in the last entry. (All of these brands have US stockists nowadays and are easily available on this continent, which helps a lot.)

(added: better picture of Roxy, here)

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