Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Chic Peek, Daul

I showed grayed-out purples in my last entry, and then I have a handful of odd browned-out purples as well. This is Ulta Chic Peek and Zoya Daul.
You can see the brownish highlights of Daul pretty well in the bottle picture, as well as the reddish-purple base color. On the other hand, Chic Peek doesn't look purple at all in this picture, either on the bottle or the wheel. It does have purple tones, though. (Huh, or maybe it's just all in my imagination, because all the swatches I could find of it look brown.) Well, anyway, it's stuck here now. Maybe I just had it lumped in my head with Daul because their glass-fleck-type formulas are similar - no, actually, the more I think of it, I've always thought it was purplish, in the same way that Winterberry is. Go figure.

Daul is a pretty famous polish. If you've been hanging around nail polish blogs, MUA etc. for a few years you probably know about it or at least have heard of it already. (If not, well, don't feel bad - "fame" in the nail-polish world doesn't really mean that much because the world of serious polish junkies is a pretty small place. Me and my 500-odd bottles are really just hanging around on the periphery. And fame for individual polishes is mostly a pretty fleeting thing.) I think Daul was one of a Zoya collection that was all glass-flecks - actually I read (or maybe saw on YouTube) somebody talking about this not too long ago - if I figure out who that was I'll update this. - I think it was YouTube: I watched several people's "top 10 Zoyas" videos, but I haven't figured out so far who in particular it was that was talking about the glass-fleck polishes. When I first started paying attention to Zoya these would have been new-ish, and that's why Daul made a big impression on me. Anyway, Daul looks red-violet here but it doesn't always look that way so much. I think it has an R-V base but layered over other things it can look very different, that's what's confusing me. (Added: the Zoya link, which I neglected to add the first time. R-V base with purple and gold. I guess it's the gold that I'm wanting to read as brown in some lights.)

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