Sunday, June 5, 2016

Purple Medallion, Put A Bow On It

This is Studio M Purple Medallion and China Glaze Put a Bow On It. (Like the one in the last entry, this was a freebie from China Glaze, for the record.)
There were several polishes in that set I could have happily done without (**cough**There's Snow One Like You) but there were quite a few awesome ones. There were three with this same packed-microglitter formula that I really love. (The others were a blurple and a green, I think.) I remember thinking this really read as pink on the nail, and you can see that in the swatch, a bit. It's kind of in that raspberry range where most people seem to look at it and think "pink." Purple Medallion is one of Studio M's packed microglitters, which are sort of similar except that they have a lot of holo glitter in them. I'm pretty sure you can get these, still, if you live where there's Meijer stores or you go to their website. Put A Bow On It might not be so easy since it was a holiday polish. (On the other hand, as I said, this set was distributed pretty widely so you might still be able to find some of these. I know I bought extra bottles of Travel In Colour last year on eBay for some reasonable price - but on the other hand that one might have been an exception, too. Still, if you've got your heart set on these, I would poke around.)

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