Monday, June 20, 2016

Makeupwithdrawal, Excuse Me I Blurpled

This is Rescue Beauty Makeupwithdrawal (named after a blog) and KBShimmer Excuse Me, I Blurpled:
Note how blue both of these look on the nail wheel - I've got to say that I think that may be the light, I don't remember either of these looking quite that blue. They're definitely both in serious "blurple" territory, though. Excuse Me I Blurpled is blue and purple glitters in a blurple base, and it's one of my favorites. Here's Makeupwithdrawal's post about the collection that her polish came out in - it was a blogger collection, as you might guess. This is so beautiful in the bottle because it's all shimmer-packed, but I have to say that my experience so far is that it doesn't show up nearly as well on the nail as I was hoping. (That's whole collection is gorgeous - I said that about another collection a few days ago, too. RBL had really been on a roll for the last year or so before they closed, as far as I'm concerned.)

Neither of these polishes are available, apparently. Rescue Beauty is out of business, and Excuse Me I Blurpled is not on KBS's website.

(Added: I had this on my "photos to retake" list and I have done half of it. Here's a better picture of Excuse Me I Blurpled - which also, incidentally, ended up on 2016 favorites list.)

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