Friday, June 3, 2016

Private I, Scandalous

This is Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Private I, and Revlon Scandalous:
I knew Scandalous was supposed to be a dupe of something, and I googled and came up with Lippmann Bad Romance. Not really a dead-dupe, according to that link, but awfully close. Red-violet glitter in a black base, or near-black, at least. It's hard to tell which. I think that maybe both of these polishes have jelly or jelly-like bases, actually. Private I is really luscious-looking and full of flakies - the wheel swatch really doesn't do it justice. It's lovely.

Scandalous is a current color, but Private I was LE several years ago, so I doubt that it's anything you could lay your hands on easily.

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