Sunday, June 19, 2016

Who Are You Wearing? Amethyst Couture

This is the blackened-purples department (although both of these seem to lean blue-ish) - OPI Who Are You Wearing? and Color Show Amethyst Couture:
Amethyst Couture is from a collection that's pretty legendary in nail polish circles; the Maybelline Brocades. This whole set is crazy textury glitters - I only ever got my hands on two of them. This one is a very interesting polish, and if you think that's damning it with faint praise, well, you'd be about right. It's fun but I don't really love it, to be honest. It's too... muddy-looking. I'm not saying people were mistaken about going crazy over them, because they are really different from most things that drugstore brands come up with, especially. But they only ever made a very small run of these, and I think half the craze for them was just the thrill of the hunt, really. (Or maybe if I'd just gotten my hands on the red one I'd know what the fuss was all about. I do like this one, but I don't wear it much. The other one I have is the black one, I think it's Black In Mirrors.)

Both of these polishes are pretty definitely unavailable. Apparently Who Are You Wearing was from OPI's 2007 holiday collection, and it hasn't become enough of a classic to stay in the main collection all this time. If you scroll down on the link above, there's a comparison with Russian Navy, which is more blue, and also Essie Midnight Cami, which I have and which I wouldn't really put into the blue-violet category at all. It's much more blue. (I'll probably get around to that one in the next couple of weeks, I'm guessing.) Anyway, Who Are You Wearing? - basically a straight very-dark blurple except for some shimmer. It's so dark I don't think the shimmer shows up all that much, though.

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