Friday, June 17, 2016

Let's Go Crazy, Viola

Yes, that's right, it's a Prince-themed polish - Lippmann Let's Go Crazy and then a brand I'd never heard of, a mini of Initial Lacquer Viola:
I don't know why I completely forgot that I owned a Prince polish at the time when it would have been extra-appropriate to wear it. I don't think I've actually ever worn it except layered with other stuff - so possibly the answer is that I forgot about it at least partially because I've never actually liked it as much as I expected to. It's a neutral purple base with an explosion of colors of glitter in it. Sounds awesome, right? that was why I wanted it, but somehow it's never quite lived up to that. I should either have another go at it and/or pass this polish on to somebody who will love it like it deserves to be loved! (Prince himself is not the problem here, mind. I've been a Prince fan, well, forever, more or less. Since the 80s, anyway.)

Viola is a pale blue-violet base with blue-violet glitter - pretty straightforward, in the Evil Queen mode that I've noticed lately, but a little more blue-toned. Somehow it escaped being named after a queen and got named after a Shakespeare character instead. (Or, it could just be the color. But I like the Shakespeare explanation better.)

Initial Lacquer doesn't seem to be in business any more. Let's Go Crazy, though, is a current color.

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