Saturday, June 4, 2016

Plum Attraction, Rockstar Pink

I thought I was running out of red-violets, and then I found several more: here is Revlon Plum Attraction and Xtreme Wear Rockstar Pink:
The palest nail on the wheel is Rockstar Pink, so I guess on its own it does look fairly pink, but mostly it seems more like a plum to me. The nail above that is both of these polishes together, Plum Attraction with Rockstar Pink on top. I've seen Rockstar Pink referred to as a "must-have" polish, and while I'm not really sure there's any such thing as a true must-have polish, it's really cool and actually versatile, for a glitter, and if you haven't tried it, you probably should. (And it costs about $2 and change, so there's that.)

I was thinking Plum Attraction seemed similar to Xtreme Wear Posh Plum, but actually it looks like Posh Plum is a good bit brighter. Plum Attraction is a heavy shimmer and it almost looks like it has some duochrome flash in there. I think it's also under Merry and Bright further up the wheel. (That will probably be the next entry, actually.)

Rockstar Pink is a current color. Plum Attraction does not seem to be current. (I was going to say it goes against Revlon's one-word-name rule, but they don't seem to enforce that super-strictly, and there's a polish called Plum Seduction anyway and that doesn't sound much different at all. Except maybe a little more sexed-up, which is probably the point.)

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