Friday, June 17, 2016

Fowl Play, Sansa

This is Orly Fowl Play and Zoya Sansa:
To tell you the truth, I wondered if this was a picture of the Sansa bottle or the Daul bottle. (Sansa is above Fowl Play and Daul is below.) If you look at Zoya's picture of the Sansa bottle, it looks much more purple, but it does have gold shimmer in it so I think it's just my bottle picking up the light differently. Daul looks very different in the bottle but I don't think it looks this dark. I went looking for the bottles late last night and I couldn't find either of them - my stash is still in flux after all of this. Anyway, Sansa is a dark eggplant-purple with gold shimmer - it's one of the set that Zoya called "liquid metal" although I've never thought it looked especially metallic, myself.

Fowl Play is an older polish, although I haven't had mine for all that long. It's still a current color as well. They just call it "iridescent glitter" but most of the iridescent glitter is actually what most people nowadays call flakies - although they did in 2011, too: the evidence is right here but it was a much newer term at the time. It has some other glitter in there as well, but it's mainly flakies. It reminds me of Nfu Oh 51 just because of the flakies and because the general color scheme is fairly similar - they're definitely not anything like dupes. (I almost missed this picture and it occurs to me that I don't think I've swatched #51 either - but the main thing I haven't swatched yet is top-coats and I imagine that it's in that box. Fowl Play is considerably more opaque - apparently it's more similar to OPI Merry Midnight, which is one of those polishes that's on a lot of people's lemming lists.)

Fowl Play was in a bird-themed set (the other one I have from that set is Sweet Peacock). Sansa is not a common girl's name (not in the US, anyway, and I imagine that's changing for very small girls these days!) so I assume it's named after the Game of Thrones character. I started to say that I couldn't think of another Zoya that's named after a fictional character, but actually Zoya #1 is a red named Carmen, which I suppose qualifies! (There are probably some more lurking in there that I just haven't thought of.)

Added, from here:
  • Fowl Play (Orly) - this polish was all the rage back in 2011 when it first came out. I didn't buy it at the time, though... I found this marked down last fall at Sally Beauty, and it's just as awesome as everybody said back in the day. It's a purple squishy base with multicolored bits (seemingly mostly blue and purple) as well as larger flakies. (This probably belongs in the jelly or the flakie category, really, not here, but it does have some glitter, I think.)

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