Sunday, June 5, 2016

NOTD: Halloween, poltergeists, & spells

I go in spells where I don't get good pictures of my manicures - a lot of the time it's because I wait too long to take pictures, and it's all nasty looking by the time I remember. Right now I am occupied by posting stash pictures - you may have noticed all those bottle-and-wheel-swatch pictures - and I tend to forget about NOTD pictures. The last one I posted was Poltergeist Puddle, so this picks up from there. I don't seem to even have a lot to say about most of these, for the moment.
  1. This Is Halloween (LynB) over Poltergeist Puddle (Pretty Serious)
  2. Elle's Spell (Barielle) without an undercoat (at 3 coats it was reasonably opaque)
  3. Ichi Hanami (Pretty Serious), then Teigen (Zoya) (Ichi Hanami is very bright pink and Teigen is darker, so together they sort of even out)
Aside: This Is Halloween gives me a really fierce Tim Burton earworm every time I see the name ("Everybody scream!"). Actually there's a sort of a theme going here, accidentally, so I put it into the post name - halloween and poltergeists and then spells. But then I'm a notorious Halloween fanatic, even when it's entirely the wrong time of year. If I had happened to be a little younger I would probably have flirted around with being a goth. (Although I don't think I would really have stuck with it, to tell you the truth. But I was just a bit too old, anyway - I was in my 20s before the goth craze really hit - so I didn't have the chance to find out.)

I can't stand not to have a picture so here's a not-very-good one of This is Halloween over PP:
It's not that terrible, I guess - except that the worn index finger is of course what comes up in the thumbnails, naturally. This is only one coat of This is Halloween, and the main problem is that Poltergeist Puddle had been on for several days by this time, and it shows. I believe that this is was a very light coat, in fact, of TiH, because I didn't know how it would look, and then later on I added another one, and so obviously that gave it a heavier glitter payoff. But still not super-heavy, even then.

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