Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Ninja-lish-ious, Bleu Cobalt

This is Pretty Serious Ninja-licious Ninja-lish-ious** and YSL Bleu Cobalt:
Most of the pictures in this batch haven't had focus problems, but this one seems to be the exception. I don't see much more detail noticeable in the larger size anyway, so I'm using the smaller one on the premise that it's easier on the eyes. On the wheel, Bleu Cobalt is the top one of the two dark blues, and Ninja-licious is below that. These look pretty similar but they are really not, past being dark blue. I like them both, but not for the same reasons. Blue Cobalt is very dark and glossy and shimmery and it seems to have a slight duochrome to it. You get a sense of depth when you look at it. Ninja-licious is slightly lighter and it's a glitter, but a really subtle one. The glitter is small and it's all down beneath the surface.

If you're familiar with YSL, you probably noticed first thing that the cap is missing from this polish. This was the way it came to me; however, it came from my sister, who works at an upscale department store, so I have no doubt about its provenance. It's very pretty, and it's something I never would have bought for myself, not at that price ($28, according to the link below). The only reason the cap might particularly matter to me was if I intended to re-sell it, and I don't.

Bleu Cobalt is a current color. Ninja-licious was an LE polish and if it's on Pretty Serious' website I don't see it. (Damn, I shouldn't have looked. I haven't bought any polish since my birthday, two months ago, and I see some new polish in my future.) (This is what I'm looking at. Currently on pre-sale. For one thing, the names! but also the polishes.)

(added: Here's Ninja-licious on PS's blog - only 300 units made, wow. **Also possibly I've been spelling it all wrong - they say Ninja-Lish-ious, presumably because it's in honor of their US shipper, who is named Alicia. I have it spelled right on my spreadsheet and it looks like on the wheel, too, but slipped up when I first wrote this entry. I fixed it at the top but I'm not going back right now and fix every misspelling!) (I also spelled Bleu Cobalt wrong in the title so I'm 0/2 on spelling in this entry!)

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