Sunday, June 5, 2016

Love Potion No 99.9, Sparkle Purple

Here we have two red-violet glitters, Lynnderella Love Potion 99.9 and Kleancolor Sparkle Purple:
Comparing Lynnderellas: you can see Lynnderella Orchid of the Year up at the top of that wheel (you can't really see the glitter too much but you can see the color) and LP99.9 is definitely darker and also I think more neutral - that is, in this case, more purple. I do think it has some bits that are more red-violet - or actually red - but they're much more scattered. And the base is pretty much clear on both of these. Sparkle Purple (which is below LP99.9 on the wheel) is obviously a smaller glitter and it leans more red-violet. When I've had the patience in the past to put on multiple coats of Sparkle Purple it's rewarded that patience - it's really beautiful that way but it takes a bunch of coats, as I recall - like, four. I would also note that Kleancolor is known for having a definite smell - that chemical smell like all polishes used to have - and this one is definitely no exception. So bear that in mind if you decide you need this!

I think that both of these are still available: Kleancolor (not the most easy-to-use website ever, but it's there) and Lynnderella. (If you're interested in buying Lynnderella, check about shipping - I think on the Storenvy website the shipping is extra but on eBay the shipping is included. So it might be worth checking both places.)

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