Monday, June 27, 2016

Cornflower blues

I'm at the place on the color wheel where these polishes ought to go, so this is just a reminder that I've already talked about these way back in April.
Even if you're looking at all of my posts, I don't expect anybody to remember back that many posts ago, considering that I've been posting bottle pictures daily (once or more often twice - and occasionally three times, although that's usually by accident) for a solid two months now. I can't even remember what I've posted - you ought to see the chain of lists I've got set up to keep track of it. And right now it's all on paper, even though the whole point in the beginning was to have it all connect up online. But I'm on a roll with the posts and I suspect if I stop I'll never get started again, so that end of it is just going to have to wait.

Right now as I write this I've got 58 posts so far for June, 54 in May and a mere 31 in April, because I didn't really get going full-speed with this for the first couple of weeks. In fact I notice that I've just passed my post total of 2014, meaning this will probably be by far my most prolific year for blog posts. I hope it's not driving everybody who sees the post notifications insane - although I suspect that anybody who was seriously annoyed is long-gone by now.

Lest you think this is actually going to go on forever, bear in mind that the bulk of my polish collection is on the cool side of the color wheel. I have lots of reds and pinks, yes, but relatively few oranges and no yellows whatsoever. (I do have a good many metallic golds, to my surprise, but that's as close as I come.) And for that matter I have far, far fewer blues than I did purples, so the blue section is going to seem extremely short by comparison. I have more blue-greens and greens than I do actual blues, it turns out.

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