Friday, June 24, 2016

One Lifetime With You

This is Dollish Polish One Lifetime With You (a mini):
Wow, I suspected this had faded a bit, and I was more right than I knew - at least according to Dollish's own pictures. But it's still really pretty! It was in the lavender ballpark and it still is, it's just a paler one. It's the base color that seems to have faded, so I would wear it over a similar color. It's got mostly small glitter in various shades of purple and blue, and maybe some shimmer as well. The name refers to The Fellowship of the Ring - it's Arwen's line from the movie and it's also the color of Arwen's dress in that movie. (Unless the dress is from the second movie, I forget.)

Because Accio Lacquer seems to have gone to the great beyond (or at least forgotten to renew their URL), I snagged some of her pictures that were at Dollish's link:

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