Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Poltergeist Puddle, Gina Girl

This is Pretty Serious Poltergeist Puddle and e.l.f. Gina Girl (a mini):
I talked about Poltergeist Puddle when I wore it a few weeks ago. I won't try to repeat everything I said then, but basically, this is a "blurple" (ugh, hate that word) with a lot going on in it - there's all kinds of shimmer in there that you can't see that well on the nail wheel. It's more noticeable in the bottle, in this picture. As I mentioned then, this is a current polish, even though it was originally a Halloween release. (Kaz, who runs Pretty Serious, seems to really love her Halloween polishes.)

(Added: much more about Poltergeist Purple)

The e.l.f polish I'm guessing is not available. I rarely see their polishes in stores, anyway, and for that matter, I don't see polish on the website either so they may just have given up on polish altogether. I didn't buy this polish - I think Karen sent it to me somewhere along the line - but I think I must have tried to look it up at some point, because I seem to remember that it was a tie in - aha, it was Disney Villains. I do remember seeing those around a few years ago. It looks like it was from the Maleficent set, and in that case I'm not sure where the name came from - I was wanting to make a connection in my head that Gina was the Evil Queen, that is, Regina from the TV show Once Upon a Time. But while Regina is an evil queen, she's the Snow White evil queen, and Maleficent is the Sleeping Beauty evil queen - so not actually the same character at all. (In this set there's "Maleficent" and there's "Evil Queen" - because the character was never named in the Disney Snow White - although I imagine that the name Regina might well stick to her in future since OuaT is made by Disney and thus is canon of a sort.) Anyway, all that aside, this is a fairly sparse glitter in a slightly tinted base, actually pretty similar to the Essence Evil Queen polish although not dupes in any way. Apparently evil queens equate with purple glitter in more than one person's mind.

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