Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Reign Of Studs, Eternal Beauty

This is L'Oreal The Reign of Studs and Color Club Eternal Beauty:
These two are a fairly similar blue-leaning purple in color, but other than that are almost completely unalike: Reign Of Studs is a texture and Eternal Beauty is a strong linear holo. L'Oreal released this in a set called Gold Dust - I've wondered since I've had it if "The Reign Of Studs" was some joke I wasn't getting, but if you look at the polish names here there are some more odd ones - "I Like It Chunky" - really?? My guess is that that line was just named by somebody with a really odd sense of humor.) The Color Club set with all the holos was probably their best-selling line in years - many of them are still current colors. My gripe with those names is they don't give you any clues as to the color at all. "Eternal Beauty" could be anything, and most of the other color names are equally vague. Anyway, super-strong holos and they are gorgeous. I like both of these polishes, really, even though I gripe about the names. (They're just dark enough that they don't trip my "too pale" trigger.)

(Note: there's a link missing above - where I said "if you look at the polish names" it was supposed to link to some display pictures that I was looking at. I haven't succeeded in tracking down the original page I was looking at, at the time, but here is a different one that shows the same collection.)

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