Sunday, June 19, 2016

Pretty Gritty, Electrique

Apparently this is the leftovers from that wheel with the bad focus - this is Rescue Beauty Lounge Pretty Gritty and Pahlish Electrique:
I know these polishes don't look much alike, but actually they do have something alike, and that's very heavy metallic (gold/coppery) shimmer. Pretty Gritty is from the RBL+R29 collab with Refinery29 - these were awesome polishes, I wish I'd bought more of them now. And Pretty Gritty was my favorite - in fact I called it my favorite polish of 2015. It's sort of a grunged-out, greyed-out purple with that strong metallic shimmer - and look at the pictures elsewhere and notice that it's not nearly as brown-looking in most lights as it is in my picture above. I do think the brown-tones are in there but they're not nearly as strong as this makes them look. Electrique is an almost-neon purple with, again, tons of metallic shimmer. It does lean a little blue. I remember shaking this like crazy before I took this picture and I almost wish I hadn't, because it had separated in a really interesting way - the whole bottom of the bottle was pure white. I've never had one do that before that I can recall.

Neither one of these polishes are anything that's likely to be easily available. RBL is out of business and the Pahlish polish was part of a monthly LE series, I believe.

Added: I poked around in other people's swatches and there appears to be a lot of difference in what color people's swatches looked like. Somebody described it as a crelly which does make sense as far as the white base, although this isn't really what I think of as a crelly at all. Compare the picture above to the picture I took when Karen gave it to me a couple of years ago.

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