Monday, September 8, 2014

It's a mystery

So, I'm wearing Hipster Chick and trying to figure out the mystery of Chick Nail Polish. Their website is down (and has been for some time), Llarowe has all their remaining stock on clearance, there hasn't been a tweet on their account in months... I'm trying to decide if that adds up to "out of business." Not necessarily, I guess, but it's not really encouraging, either. I bought a couple of things on Llarowe a month or six weeks ago, then last night when I figured out that it was all marked down to $3 and there was still stuff available, I bought some more. Here's a big swatch spam (from Fashion Polish) with a bunch of the colors - quite a few of those were still there on Llarowe yesterday. No telling how much is actually left, though, or how long it'll be there, so go check it out if you're interested!

I don't have a picture of Hipster Chick yet but I like it. It's a yellow-toned lime with some holo glitter in it; it shouldn't look good on me but to my surprise, it's fine. The other thing I bought on the first go-round was cuticle oil, and it smells so damn good that I ordered another one.

In unrelated news, I did finally get a picture of the two polishes that I got from Karen (of Frazzle and Aniploish):
This is Pahlish Electrique and Smitten Glacial Springs. And thank you again, Karen!

(Ooh, one more thing, I just looked at Fashion Polish's front page and saw Ultra PixieDust. Pretty!)

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