Tuesday, September 23, 2014

NOTDs etc

Man, I'm three manis behind...

Right now I have on Alcatraz Rocks, mattified. I always forget how much I like this polish but otherwise I don't really have all that much to say about it!

Before that, Briarwood (A England) which was really pretty, but chipped rather quickly. Maybe holos and my body chemistry just don't mesh, because I always seem to have problems with them chipping.

Before that I had on Once Upon A Time, one of my latest round of Chick Polishes. It was really pretty and shimmery - it reminds me of a flaky, actually, although it's not. I think that's because I keep seeing an orangey flash to it like a lot of flakies have. I made a big mess when I was putting it on - I was going to put black under it, and then I couldn't lay my hands on my bottle of Black Creme when I was ready to do that, so I grabbed a gray instead - Hard As Nails Steely Gaze, which is a, well, steel-gray, more or less. I ended up doing two coats of OUAT, and then somewhere along the line something didn't set properly, and I managed to take all the polish off an entire nail, more or less, on the way to work. Luckily I had brought OUAT with me, so I put three coats of OUAT on that nail, and honestly, the difference wasn't all that noticeable. I had seen some pictures over black and without that looked very different, but actually there was somewhat less of a difference than I expected. The difference may well be in the number of coats you use, though. By three coats it's pretty opaque.

I don't know if it's a pronounced enough theme in those three manis to be noticeable, but I pulled out a whole shoebox-sized box of stuff from my stash that I consider "fall colors" - the obvious stuff like oranges and browns but also burgundies and darker blues and greens and so forth. I'm pretty sure there's enough stuff there to do a mani a day from now til Christmas if I wanted to, and I haven't even pulled out the most specifically Halloween things yet. (You may see an entry about this. Also one about my Walmart Beauty Box, even though the one I got had no nail polish in it.)

It was the first day of fall today, I hear, and the temperature was a balmy 84 degrees. I'm not kidding about the "balmy" part because we'd been hanging around in the 90s, still, before that. It totally felt like fall to me today.

Part of my new stash additions:
I Want To Believe, Sugar Sugar (and now I have The Archies stuck in my head), and Ice Dream. I was thinking of the two Sinfuls as being Christmas kind of colors, but actually suddenly red has started looking very attractive to me so it's possible you might see this on my nails sooner. Or maybe I'll start with something more oxblood.

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  1. Three manis behind--I'd say you're doing good compared to me. :)