Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hipster Chick

To go with the last entry, here is Hipster Chick, in indirect sunlight:
This doesn't show the glitter to advantage but it's resonably accurate on the color. It does show you pretty well how sheer it is, and this is three coats. I must not have gotten down to the bottom of my nail well on every coat, because it's noticeably lighter at the bottom.

You can see the glitter a bit better in this one, I think:
Or maybe not so much. Just imagine that those things that look like bumpy dots in the first picture are cute little pieces of holo glitter, and you'll have the idea. It's a subtle holo glitter, which is pretty hard to achieve.

It's part of a series: Biker Chick, Punk Chick, etc. I am about the least hipster-ish person you will ever meet, but I liked the color so I thought I'd try it. (Where is Geek Chick? cause that would be more me.)

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  1. This is so beautiful... I love the color and the bottle is adorable :D