Friday, September 26, 2014

Polish for fall

Miss Holly Berries made a video of her favorite polishes for fall, and while I am certainly not going to follow suit (videos? me? I don't think so), it did remind me that there are always things that I think I ought to wear in any given season that I forget about. So the idea is that I am going to go back through blog posts and tweets and such and find the polishes that I need to wear in the next couple of months. (I made lists for the holidays and for Halloween, while I was at it, but I'll save those for later!)

Note 1: This is just what I have in my personal collection. These are not colors that you can still get hold of easily, in some cases.
Note 2: I wrote color descriptions off the top of my head without consulting other sources, even though in some cases I haven't seen these polishes for, well, nearly a year, so the accuracy of those descriptions may not be 100%.

Fall Metallics/Glitters:
Pumpkin Spice (Xtreme Wear - coppery brown glitter)
Cougar Attack (WnW Fast Dry - fairly similar to the one above, copper/brown)
Traffic Stopper Copper (Sephora By OPI - copper glitter topper)
Seared Bronze (Cover Girl - dark bronze microglitter)
I Only Shop Vintage (Sephora By OPI - bronze)
Two Cent (Sonia Kashiuk - copper-penny metallic)
Crush On Lava (Hard Candy - coppery pink)
Rage (Orly - rose-gold)
Intergalactic Space (Orly - mixed glitters)
Rockin' Renaissance (Finger Paints - golden-brown texture)

Forbidden Fudge (SH Nailgrowth Miracle)
Rich In Heart (Sinful - warm brown)
Cinna-man Of My Dreams (Nicole By OPI Gumdrops - textured cinnamon brown)
Flagstone Rush (Orly - slightly metallic brown)
Decades of Shades (OPI - medium brown)
Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal (Dollish - medium brown with shimmer)
I Knead Sour-Dough (OPI - reddish-brown creme)
Crushed (Xtreme Wear - bright orange)
Honey You Should See Me In A Crown (Dollish - orange glitter)
The Fires Of Gallifrey (LynB - orange chunky glitter)
Glitter Matters (Funky Fingers - orange/yellow matte glitter)
Sunset Flare (Serum No 5 - orange/pink duochrome)
I Volunteer As Tribute (Dollish - earthtone glitter in dark jelly base)

Burgundy, Dark Red 
Dark Side of The Moon (Lippmann - vampy dark burgundy)
Jem (Zoya - burgundy-ish)
Kierra (Zoya - purplish  burgundy)
Karina (Zoya - darker red)
Vixen (Revlon - vampy red)
Ruby Without A Cause (Sephora By OPI - wine)
Bold Sangria (Colorstay - wine)
Elle's Spell (Barielle - dark red flakie)

Suri (Zoya)
Pitter Patter (Butter London)
Deep Purple (Xtreme Wear)
Purple Rush (Milani)
Vice (Urban Decay - dark purple shimmer)
Savita (Zoya Matte Velvet - dark purple)
Just A Little Dangerous (Sephora By OPI - metallic purple)
Carter (Zoya Pixie Dust - red-violet)
Private I (SH Diamond Strength - dark RV?)
Mira (Zoya - slightly grayed purple)
Daul (Zoya - purple topper)
#51 (Nfu Oh - purple flakie)
Rendezvous With You (China Glaze - purple shimmer)

Neutrals & Grayed-out Colors
Grey Area (Xtreme Wear - grey/taupe) (greige? I dunno)
Wet Cement (Xtreme Wear - cement gray)
London (Zoya Pixie Dust - gray)
The Symbiote (Chirality - gray holo)
Slate (RGB - dark gray shimmer)
Gray By Gray (Complete Salon Manicure - gray with hints of blue)
Cynthia (Zoya - blue-gray)
Lotus (Zoya - purple)
Gray's Anatomy (WnW Fastdry - sheer oil-slick gray)
Slick Black (SH Triple Shine - black microglitter)

Other Darker Colors
Montana Sky (Colors By Llarowe - dark blue w/glitter)
Midnight Cami (Essie - dark blue)
NailRobi (Color Club - royal blue with a hint of violet)
Quick Jeanius (SH InstaDri - dark cornflower)
Wavy Blue (SH Triple Shine - navy microglitter)
Blue Whale (LynB - blue chunky glitter)
Alcatraz Rocks (OPI Liquid Sand - dark blue texture)
Mesmerize (Essie - med blue)
Miss Universe (Essence - indigo blue)
Kale (Chirality - dark green holo
Enchanted Forest (Nyx Professional - green glitter)
Rain Forest (Revlon Colorstay - dark green w/glitter)
Deeper Dive (Spoiled - teal glitter)
Shake Your Money Maker (Lippmann - green & gold glitter)
Stiletto (Jade - green creme)

(This is one of my stash pictures from a few months back - most of these are in this list but not necessarily all!)

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