Thursday, September 25, 2014

Walmart beauty box

I rarely set foot in Walmart these days, so a beauty box from them is frankly not something I would normally think about buying, But I read about it on Nouveau Cheap, and hey, it's almost-free (they call it free + $5 shipping) so I figured, why not? It's quarterly, so it's $20 for the whole year. For that price, if you get a couple of useful things out of it, then you've gotten your money's worth.

Here's my pictures, but you should probably know right off the bat that there are at least two versions of this box - one for older subscribers and one for younger. I am just to the age where giving me generous samples of moisturizers to try out is exactly what I want, so this worked out perfectly as far as I'm concerned.

There's nothing really fancy about this box, inside or out:

The contents were wrapped in tissue, for what that's worth - I figured you could live without a picture of tissue paper, though.

This is the inside, with the products propped up a little so you can see more of them.

Here's a different angle with a little better shot of the products:

This was the full contents:
Revitalift Deep-Acting Moisturizer - .5 oz.
Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream - .5 oz.
Cover Girl Continuous Color Lipstick, full-size (3g) in Iced Mauve
Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid - 1.6 oz.
Clear Scalp & Hair shampoo and conditioner samples, single-use packets (.28 oz each)
Couture Couture perfume sample (by, guess who, Juicy Couture) - .5 oz spray tube

I might never get around to using the perfume sample much - I did try it once, it smells good but it's very strong, and I like my scents very light - but the rest of this I'll almost certainly use. The lipstick is a good color for me, and neither one of these moisturizers are ones I've tried before. Half an ounce doesn't sound like that much, but with moisturizer it's a pretty fair amount of product - I would think it would last me a couple of months, at least. Definitely enough to figure out whether I'm interested in buying more.

So I'm happy with what I got. I should say that I've heard about some issues other people have had. For one thing, there was some mention of possible issues with the security of the website - which Walmart says is groundless, I'm told - but I had bought mine by the time I heard about that, so it was a little late for me, in any case. I've also seen some complaints about shipping time & lack of shipping notices, but I got notices and my box came quite promptly. Maybe I just got lucky.

(Added: here's an update from Nouveau Cheap concerning some of the issues mentioned above, and here's the actual link to Walmart's page for this.)

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