Saturday, May 21, 2016

Kimber, Strawberry Electric

This is Zoya Kimber and Revlon Strawberry Electric:
Kimber is a bright fuchsia pink with gold shimmer. It's super-bright, which is why I rarely ever wear it by itself. I hit on a combo that I liked early on - Kimber and Reva - and I've mostly stuck with that. It's one of those pairs where I like them more together than I do either polish alone. (Kimber is just too bright; Reva is a little too... strawberry. It also has gold in it, says Zoya. Together they balance out, to me.)

Strawberry Electric's problem for me is actually the same as Reva's: it's too strawberry - a little too coral, I think. It's very pretty, though. You can't really tell much difference in this picture but Strawberry Electric is somewhat sheer - although I wouldn't really call it a sheer, per se - and it has a lot of very pretty shimmer to it. Or maybe it'd be more correct to call it pearlescence.

Kimber is a current Zoya color, I checked. (That's not an affiliate link, just so you know.) I'm going to try to double-check before I hit post but I'm pretty sure that the other one is not current just because Revlon doesn't use names that sound like that any more. They could surprise me, though. (Nope - there are a few exceptions, like Cherries In The Snow, which is a name that I believe goes back to the 1930s, but no Strawberry Electric. The current main line has 72 colors, says the website, most of them with one-word names like "Seduction" and "Socialite.")

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