Monday, May 9, 2016

Show Stopping, Love Sprinkles

You may have noticed that I've used Shelby as a base for about half of this wheel (except for a couple of cases where I used Look At My Bow, its near-twin). It's a nice background for layering - not too light, not too dark, and quite honestly, something I don't wear a lot so I don't mind using it up so much. So here we have two Sinful Colors polishes, Show Stopping, and the heart glitter Love Sprinkles.
You can see on the wheel that the hearts in Love Sprinkles read as near-white, so you probably don't want to put it on a super-pale base if you want to be able to see it. And then it also has some other scattered smaller bits in the same pale-pink color, besides the hearts. Show Stopping, below the hearts on the wheel, is a pinkish holo glitter that looks almost like it has a shard quality to it. (This link from Nouveau Cheap also notes that it's a near-dupe to OPI Teenage Dream, which I may have known at the time I bought it but had forgotten!)

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