Saturday, May 28, 2016

Domestic Goddess, Royal Highness

This is Sephora by OPI Domestic Goddess and Bonita Royal Highness. I actually made this picture smaller because it hurt my eyes at larger sizes. It's not bad at this size at all, but don't try to read the writing! I have provided a what's-what guide below.
The nail wheel here doesn't line up like you might guess. Both of these polishes are considerably darker than they look in the bottles, and the nail wheel spot which looks like it might be Domestic Goddess (the brightest red-violet one) is actually not either one of these polishes. It's Zoya Perrie (which I talked about back here and I think I accidentally swatched twice). Royal Highness is above Perrie and Domestic Goddess is below. Royal Highness actually is more neutral; Domestic Goddess more red. Royal Highness also has a ton of shimmer in it which you really can't see here. Maybe when I try again I can pick that up too!

I keep saying I'm going to re-take all the pictures from this set, and I'm sure I will - except maybe in this case, because Domestic Goddess was a mess and I'm pretty sure I tossed the whole bottle after I took the picture. I did at least get a decent swatch of it first but I'm stuck with this picture (although I'll try again with Royal Highness, probably).

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