Monday, May 30, 2016

Fig, Sugar Plum

Here we have Sinful Colors Fig and Milani Color Statement Sugar Plum:
Neither one of these are terribly inventive names - I know at least one other brand had a color named Fig, although I can't think at the moment who it was. And I don't actually know of another Sugar Plum but I do have in my own collection a Sugar Plum Fairy (Julie G) and Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild (Sephora by OPI). Also, I admit to an unfortunate tendency to mix up my only two Milani Color Statement polishes because they're both purple, but I did check the labels on these and this is indeed Sugar Plum - you'll see the other one later today, if I'm remembering my scheduling right. (The other one is Ultra Violet, which again, is not terribly creative.)

I went looking for this wheel to check this, and I can't find it, but I'm fairly sure that Fig is a creme and Sugar Plum is a shimmer. And Fig is somewhat darker and at least a bit more blue-toned, where Sugar Plum is more definitely a red-violet. (Added: on a later re-evaluation of Fig, I decided it does have some shimmer, although it's much less shimmery than Sugar Plum, for certain.)

Lest you think I'm terribly disorganized, well, yeah, I am, a bit, but this is what my collection of nail wheels looks like now:
I thought I had the new ones in color order, but clearly some of them not so much. (The older ones, in the back in this picture, are numbered, but I gave up on the numbering because it didn't seem to be much help.)

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