Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mira, Ultra Violet

This is Zoya Mira and Milani Color Statement Ultra Violet:
Since this one, again, is not easy to read, start with the very messy nail toward the top, which is Taffeta (which is not included in this entry - I'll explain about that when I get to that picture). Ultra Violet is the one below Taffeta and Mira is below that. The Milani version of Ultra Violet is noticeably redder than Mira, which looks a bit blue-toned by comparison. Ultra Violet is also super-shimmery although it's hard to see that in this picture. (See swatches here.) UV is apparently not a current color - Milani's page for this line is here and it's not on it. Mira is still current - the link is below.

Mira was apparently in the Summertime collection along with Kieko and Sooki, because here are Scrangie's swatches for that. (Zoya typically does six cremes and six coordinating shiny/shimmery things for its summer release. This year it's Pixie Dusts, but usually it's something a bit more mainstream than that; last year I think they called the shiny ones "liquid metal" and in past years they've been heavy shimmers or glass flecks, etc. They usually have coordinating names for each set of six as well - the one that went along with Summertime was Sunshine, as I recall. Another year it was Beach and Surf.)

Added: better picture of Ultraviolet, here.

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