Wednesday, May 25, 2016

In Through The Out Door

This is Pipe Dream Polish In Through The Out Door (named after a Led Zeppelin album):
It's red-violet glitter mixed with gold, in a clear (or possibly very-pale-pink) base. It looks to me like there are a couple of sizes of small-to-medium glitter in the mix. You could get this to opacity if you were patient, I think. I did try layering it, but the color I picked was too close to the glitter color and half the glitter pretty much just disappeared:
This is Xtreme Wear Posh Plum as a base, which is way too close of a match, clearly. You'd need to try something darker or lighter, I think. Anyway, I like it on its own just fine. (I talked about Posh Plum in the last entry.)

Pipe Dream Polish is still in business but doesn't have a lot of variety in stock, and none of the older colors are still around. I recall them as having a bunch of cool glitters like this but now it looks like they stock mostly cremes.

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