Thursday, May 19, 2016

Status Symbol, Strawberry Fields

This is Essie Status Symbol and China Glaze Strawberry Fields:
I think both of these are slightly coral-leaning. Status Symbol is a bit lighter, but maybe not as much so as it looks in the bottle. I just got Strawberry Fields relatively recently, but I've had Status Symbol for several years. I'm pretty sure it was the first Essie I ever wore. I was relatively late to both of these brands - I came to OPI earlier because they sold it in the grocery store. Essie is sold everywhere now - China Glaze still not so much - but I bought this and maybe a couple more Essies from Ulta. I think maybe this was in 2011. I bought my first Butter London (which was Henley Regatta) at the same time, as I recall. Status Symbol I remember being sort of a trendy color at the time. This bunch of polishes were maybe some of the first colors I bought that could really be described as trendy.

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