Thursday, May 12, 2016

Perrie, Deception

This is Zoya Perrie and Wild Shine Deception - which I believe was a summer LE color maybe three years ago:
Perrie never looks as good on me as I want it to, and I don't really know why. Zoya calls it a cool-toned lavender, which sounds fine - but their picture shows it as considerably lighter than it appears here, and it's also a 3 of 5 on the sheerness scale, so maybe somewhere in there lies the basic problem. (I'm going to have to re-try this and see if I can come to any conclusions about that.) Deception is a jelly, and I always love jellies, so that part's pretty predictable. It looks lighter and considerably pinker than Perrie on the nail wheel, even at three coats.

More about Perrie: ALU swatch from 2010 here (it was in the Flash collection, same as Robyn which I just bought recently). I also noted here that Perrie and Kieko are "sister" polishes of sorts - Perrie is paler and Kieko is darker but the tones in them are very much the same.

(I've been trying to do my stash project in some semblance of an order, but I started out with what I had ready to go at the time, which was reds and fuchsias, and then went to paler pinks. In the meantime, I've now swatched & photographed everything I have that's purple, so I think I'm going to start heading in that direction on the color wheel. This is the start of the red-violets. I have a lot of purples; this is going to take a while. Then I'll work through the purples and toward the blues, more or less, and keep working around. I have the blacks and grays swatched, too, so if I start going into color overload you may see those for a while as a palate-cleanser.)

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