Friday, February 6, 2015

Stash: cremes pt 4 - shades of purple

(I was tempted to try to make some kind of "50 Shades of Gray" joke out of that title but it was too much of a stretch.)
Remember how many pinks there were in the last entry? Some of these could reasonably claim to be pink, too. But these are the ones that read more purple - if you put them next to the ones in the last entry it would be glaringly obvious.

top right:
  • (sideways) Savita (Zoya Matte Velvet) - not strictly a creme, as I keep saying every time I list one of these - it has pinkish shimmer, although it's fairly subtle. (Top coat seems to bring it out.)
  • On A Trip (Megalast) - a vaguely periwinkle-ish blue-violet. (Describing colors gets so weird sometimes.) It's purple, but it has definite blue tones to it. I thought this was an unusual color when I bought it... but actually you can see that I have several more polishes that are in the same ballpark as this. I like my blue-violet violets.
  • Mira (Zoya) - Slightly blue-leaning purple - somehow I tend to end up wearing both this and Purple Haze as bases for other things! (mani from 2013)
  • Purple Haze (RBL) - slightly grayed-out purple. I have long been on record as thinking this color was boring. Other people adore it. (I wanted to adore it, but I just... didn't.)
going across from the top left:
  • Celebutante (Ulta) - slightly squishy, slightly blue-leaning purple - I don't think it's really a jelly. Maybe nowadays we'd call this a crelly, but I don't think that word had been invented when this polish was.
  • Vanity Flare (Triple Shine) - fairly neutral as purples go, but it's a really pretty color
  • Bold Sangria (Colorstay Longwear) (so discontinued unless you can find it at Big Lots or somewhere) - dark purple, leaning toward the reddish side of the fence. (See this is where the homework comes in handy - I would have been inclined to class this with the redder burgundy colors. But it's actually more purple than I was remembering.) (Also note that this had the wrong link attached to it before but that's now corrected!)
  • (upside down) Violet Femme (piCture pOlish) - very bright purple - pretty but as I recall, it was terribly streaky and had wear issues as well. As I've said, this brand and I just don't seem to get along.
next row, starting with the double-ended one:
  • Ultra Violet (Revlon Nail Art Neons) - I tried this a couple times and then gave up. I'm also on record as not being a fan of neons, anyway, but if there's a neon I could get into, it's purple. Unfortunately this one is so streaky and difficult that it just didn't work out.
  • Odette (Zoya) - very gray purple - this is from Zoya's first Naturel collection, and is actually the least neutral of the bunch, which is why it's the one I bought.
  • unlabeled red-violet mini
  • Lincoln Park After Dark (OPI mini) - so dark it's hard to tell, but I think this does lean slightly to the reddish side. I haven't actually worn it much, I prefer my purples not to look like blacks.
  • Plum It (SH Salon) - dark purple - actually rather similar to LPAD but I think more neutral.
  • Careful It's Vine-tage (Megalast LE Matte) - google for swatches of this and you'll see they're all over the place - it's from Megalast's fall 2014 collection. I've seen it called "grape" and "royal" and "neutral" but I would say it's somewhat red-leaning and slightly grayed-out. And matte, of course.
bottom row:
  • Perrie and Kieko (Zoya) - like the three pink cremes in the last stash entry, these two seem pretty similar and just vary in intensity. (Those three were all from the same collection, though. These two are not.) I had some idea from the pictures and from what people said that I would adore Perrie, but it's one of those colors that's just too pale for me - and it doesn't always look all that pale in swatches, so I don't entirely understand it. I guess I had just convinced myself it was less pale than it really is - and so Kieko, its darker cousin, is much more my speed.
  • Deception (Wild Shine) - this is another one of those LE polishes that WnW has been doing lately, and it's not actually a creme, it's a jelly. As such, it's temperamental, but really, really pretty. This kind of berry thing is right up my alley. 
  • Break Through (essence) - this one's a creme, but it's very similar in color. Beautiful.
  • (upside down) Domestic Goddess (Sephora by OPI) - this was the first SOPI that I fell in love with, back when I didn't really own that many polishes. But then look at the bottom row except Perrie, and you'll see these are all really similar, and these are kind of my jam, when it comes right down to it. The reason I think pinks are boring is because they're not purple enough, apparently.
I think this is the last of my cremes. One thing that interests me about this is how few medium purples are here - these go from blue-violet to red-violet without much of a stop in the middle. (Maybe it's something about cremes, because I do think I own a fair number of medium purples. They're just not cremes.)

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