Sunday, February 8, 2015

Compulsive buying: Finger Paints & Zoya

I already talked about the stuff I bought at Sally Beauty. I think I also mentioned that several things had come in the mail. So here's pictures of the Sally Beauty mini-haul plus, well, some of the stuff that came in the mail. I had a fit of guilt and turned two of the three boxes that came in the mail last week over to Rob so that he could give them back to me later and we could call them my Valentine's present. Polishes from Misa and Pretty Serious are a much better present than flowers or a plant that would just die anyway, right? And it relieves me of some buyer's remorse. (I don't mean I'm sorry I bought them, really; I'm just sorry I spent so much money!)

Rob: Well, what about that? ::points to box from Zoya::
Me: ::possessively:: No, you can't have that one. I'm opening that one.

Yeah, I know, I get a little crazed. I'm pretty sure he rolled his eyes behind my back, but luckily I wasn't in a position to see that.

So anyway, here are pictures of my purchases from Sally Beauty and from Zoya. (Pictures of the Misa and Pretty Serious haulage presumably to come next week when I regain custody of them.)

Finger Paints, from L-R: Hue-whatchamacallit (I can't seem to remember this name, but yesterday's entry informs me that it's Hue Left A Message?), Film Noir, Purple Palette. Notice that the Purple Palette bottle has the old FP logo that I think they supposedly stopped using about a year ago. I'm guessing that means that that's how old this bottle is - not that it matters. (See below for swatches on all of these.)

And here's the same polishes plus the two treatment products:
Manicure Extender, on the left, is just a specialty top coat, really. I would never have thought to buy it if it hadn't been marked down, but I'll be interested to see if it helps. And then the round bottle is hardener.

I'd heard other people complain about Zoya being slow to get orders out when they have their big promos, but I had never had to wait all that long before. It was darn near a month, this time. I was not particularly in a hurry for them, but after that much time you start to wonder. These are my three "free" polishes (It's a good deal, of course, but $15 is hardly free, to my mind):
L-R: Harlow, a matte velvet; India, from the Ignite collection; and Neeka, which is an older polish (I believe from the same collection as Jem, back several years ago) - it's a grayed-out purple. This gives me all but one polish out of the Matte Velvet collection (Loredana, which I decided I could do without) and all but one of the Ignite collection too (Autumn, which I figured I could wait on considering that the only time I usually wear oranges is, well, autumn).

Here's the box the little mystery mini collection came in:

I poked around online, and I think this is actually one of the NYFW sets from last year - it was for Peter Som, it said - which means these colors probably haven't been widely available, for sure. These polishes are minis (.25 oz) and I can't say any of them are things I would have bought on my own except for maybe Anais, but it's fun to get pulled out of your comfort zone occasionally, so I'm happy to have them.
L-R, this is Severine (pale gold), Anais (very dark green), and Charlotte (a very pale nude creme). I figure since last year the 3-free deal was $12 and this was $15, you were effectively paying $1 each for the minis, which is extremely reasonable.

I also swatched everything onto a nail wheel:
This is two coats on all of these. (And yeah, if you're paying attention you'll see I made a big smeary mess on top of the numbers, but at least I avoided messing up the nails themselves!)

L-R Purple Palette, Film Noir, Hue Left A Message

I somehow managed to cut half of the Purple Palette nail off in both of these pictures, but I think you can see enough to get the idea. I think that both of these glitters might be opaque enough to wear on their own with more coats, but I probably will just put something opaque underneath them, in practice. And Film Noir is a really pretty color and I suspect I'll end up wearing it with top coat, as I often do with matte polishes. I like the matte look but I just can't see wearing a full mani of this one.

These are the three Zoyas that I ordered:
L-R: Harlow, India, Neeka

And this is the three from the mini:
L-R: Anais, Charlotte, Severine

You really can't see much of any of this bunch. Anais is actually green but the camera didn't pick it up. You can barely see Charlotte at all, and you can at least barely tell that Severine is metallic, but only just. It's really pretty in person, I'm looking forward to trying it out. Even Charlotte is not actually as invisible as it looks here - it's not the off-white of the blank nail wheel but is actually a light tan color. Not my thing, normally, but I'll try it out, too! (Added: everybody online but me seems to think that Anais is a dark gray-black. When I swatched it in the afternoon light in my bedroom I thought it was definitely dark green. So huh, I don't know. It doesn't seem to read green, does it?)

Added: if anybody is wondering about the backgrounds here, this is my very own quilt that I made some years ago - I use a picture of it as my icon, sometimes, in various online places. It's this one:
Hmm, it came out sideways here, but you can get the idea just as well. I had the bright idea that pink and yellow and orange might all look nice together, and luckily I was right. It's very cheerful and I love it. I pulled it out and put it over the foot of my bed last week when it was cold.

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