Tuesday, February 3, 2015

F*ck and Run + linkage

I was poking around on my indies page, looking for dead links, and I came across several indie sellers who have special polishes for V-day that I for one didn't know anything about. So here are some links for your entertainment:

Valentine's Day Stuff
Beyond the Nail
Compulsive Nails
Different Dimension
Dollish Polish
Glimmer by Erica
The Hungry Asian

plus some polish for Mardi Gras:
B-squared Lacquer
Glitterfied Nails

Here's a pre-Valentine's mani, Nostalgic F*ck and Run (if you haven't seen this polish name before: Yes, that's actually what it's called, asterisk and all. It comes from the name of a Liz Phair song, as I recall.) - I know it doesn't sound very romantic but it's a pretty polish, ok?
This is a pretty sheer polish, and I was goofing around with layering it with Gelous and seeing if I could get it to look squishier, and I'm not sure at what point in this process I took the picture. This may only be two coats, and no Gelous. Or it may be three, I'm just not sure. But it looks cute, anyway. I wore this for a day or two, in any case, and then I put Sinful Sugar Sugar on top of it, which is where I stand now. Sugar Sugar is one of those bog-standard reds I said I need to stop buying. (Although I'm pretty sure I bought it during the 99-cent sale, so eh.) It's actually a bit darker red than standard, though, and almost metallic. It's pretty, but probably unnecessary for most people who have a number of reds already.

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