Friday, February 13, 2015

Crazy V-day manicure

I always seem to end up wearing something a little crazy for Valentine's Day. Last year it was two different glitters and this year I did that too, although mostly they're on different fingers this time instead of just being on top of each other like last year. (Also, I'm pretty sure I said the other day when I had it on that I thought I hadn't worn Rich Raspberry before, and apparently I was wrong about that, because it was the base of all that glitter last year. It's a good Valentine's color.)

So here's this years' - it's kind of a mess but oh well:
Most of this week I've had on two coats of Harlow with topcoat, and it's lovely, so I put that back on again, with Rockstar Pink on my ring finger and pinky on both hands. But this time I was in a rush and I only put on one coat of Harlow, and apparently that was a mistake, because you can see some slightly bald spots on both hands. It's not that noticeable unless you stop and look at them, so in real life I doubt anybody but me will notice, but it's certainly noticeable in a picture. I think some of that is the fault of Love Sprinkles, too - it was gooey and I think it may have moved Harlow around under it, especially since I was fiddling a bit with the matte glitter. Unlike a lot of the other Matte Velvets, though, I don't think Harlow should be considered a one-coater under any circumstances, unless you got hold of a bottle that's thicker than mine. Two thin coats should do it, though.

So Rockstar Pink is the multicolored glitter, if you haven't figured that out, and Love Sprinkles is the matte glitter with dots and small hearts. It looks like it's white but I think it's actually very pale pink. Here's my other hand:
It looks a little less uneven but doesn't have any hearts except for one on the thumbnail which you can't see. I started out with three hearts and somehow managed to lose one, so now I have one on each hand. I also tried Love Sprinkles on this hand over the Rockstar Pink on my index finger, but I left it at that because I didn't think it looked that great. And then I gooped on some Gelous over all of this.

Next time I use Love Sprinkles (which is likely to be Valentines 2016) I'm going to try to remember to do glitter placement on the hearts.

Added: It occurred to me that I had a red jelly (L'Oreal Jolly Lolly) and I decided to see what that looked like on top of the whole shebang. And it looks great, actually. It hid many of the flaws without covering everything up completely. It shifted the color towards red, definitely, but in bright light it's still a deep pink rather than full-on red. And the matte glitter which appeared white before is now sort of a medium pink - but still quite visible. I like it.

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