Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sephora mail

I mentioned three nail-mail packages that came last week, but I almost forgot about the fourth package because it contained makeup instead of nail polish. Somebody at Sephora had the lovely, lovely idea to do an Amazon-style free shipping deal - theirs is called Sephora Flash. You pay $10 and you get free shipping for an entire year. (Specifically, you get two-day shipping, just like Amazon - unless your purchase includes nail polish, in which case that has to go by ground and may take longer, but is still free.) I live right near a Sephora, except that it's inside a (huge and usually crowded) mall and most of the time I would rather die than set foot inside the mall, even for Sephora. So a way of shopping at Sephora without shopping in person at Sephora is a most welcome thing.

I went poking around in their clearance area online and I saw something there that I've been wanting to try, and that's Lip Tar. There was a Christmas set marked down that included just the color of Lip Tar that I would have wanted, and another couple of items to boot - it came in 2 colorways, one was nude, I believe, and the other one was violet. The lip pencil and tube of tar included in the violet set were both called Lydia, and as you can see, were sort of a red-violet, verging on fuchsia but violet-leaning enough to be interesting.

The other item, at the bottom, is a pale-pink creme meant mostly to use as a highlighter, I think - including, they point out, to highlight the pout of your mouth after you've applied the Lip Tar. I've tried it and it looked quite nice that way. But you can also use it on your cheeks and around your eyes.

(Now that I have the free-shipping subscription, I'm going to have to try it out on some nail polish - I still haven't tried Formula X!)

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